Podcast Recording

Thinking about recording a podcast?

Over the past years, podcasts have become one of the most important information mediums in the digital world. For many businesses today (and especially in Melbourne and Australia), recording and publishing regular podcasts bring with it a surge in credibility, and a noticeable increase in brand-trust, brand-image and a rise in ongoing following.
So much so that even recreational podcasts often receive so much attention that they turn into stand-alone businesses in it of themselves and begin selling and advertising on them.

How can we help your podcast?

In-House Podcast Recording
If you are in Melbourne, we can record your podcasts in our facilities – making sure the interviews, discussions and speech are recorded with state-of-the-art microphones and signal processing equipment.

Phone Based Podcast Recording
Much like in a radio station, we also have the facilities to record guests and interviewees via telephony systems.

Professional Podcast Editing & Mixing
Whether you record your materials with us, or completely independently on your own computer, having a properly balanced and enhanced final product can be the make or break for your podcast. The recent spikes in podcasts over the past few years have only made this reality more harsh and true – if it doesn’t sound great, no one is going to even try and listen to the content, no matter how amazing it is.
Our team here has been mixing dialogue, speech and podcasts since 2009 and are extremely up to date with the latest trends and tricks that will bring your podcast to life.

Professional Podcast Mastering
Perhaps one of the most important things to invest in if you want your podcast to sound great, is ensuring it is mastered properly – taking into account your listeners’ playback systems and streaming services. Since literally ALL of the professional audio (and video) materials you are exposed to have been professionally mastered – not having a properly mastered podcast will definitely stick out. Luckily for you, our engineers specialise in dialogue and speech mastering and can definitely help you take your podcast to the next level.

Listen to a sample of our HD Podcast quality