Music Career Package

Music Career Packages

Get your music career off to a great start!

Getting a career in music is as much about business as it is about music.
That’s why they call it the music industry.

Having worked with up-and-coming local artists for many years, we’ve learned a lot about how to make great music, but also about how to build rewarding music careers for artists.

We offer a full service for artists who want to make money with their art too.
Our Music Career Packages can include:

Music Business Consultations

We can help you find your target market, your niche, and build strategies for getting you gigs, getting you into playlists, and getting you noticed by labels, TikTok and radio stations.

Songs & Demo Recordings

We can help you get the right sound for your mission. From professional studio recordings and session musicians hire, to mixing and mastering. We’ve got you all covered!

Music Video Recordings

We can shoot, edit and create professional music videos, to help you get noticed on YouTube, FaceBook, Instagram and more!

Photoshoots & Styling

We can capture your look and help you style a brand that is unique and matches your business plan and targets. Helping you get in front of the right people, as well as have engaging social content.

Poster, Logo & Album Design

Bringing our graphic design studio partners on board, we can create beautiful and captivating art to help generate interest and support your gig posters, announcements, social media platforms and much more!

Social Media & Ads

In today’s day and age, being noticed is a lot more labour-intensive and marketing orientated. With our digital media partners on board, we can make sure your message is getting out there, in the most effective ways.

Case Study
Craig Hobson – Singer & Musician

We’ve started our work with Craig by reviewing his current materials and discussing his music career goals. Craig wanted to build a music business that will allow him to approach and attract Pub Gigs, RSL Residencies, and Private Event Bookings. Through our research and understanding of these markets, we’ve put together easy-to-follow steps for making sure Craig can cut above the rest and be “as easily bookable as possible”.

Below are a few of the steps we’ve taken to achieve this “Bookable” effect.

Cover Single Recording
So, what is common to professional booking agents and an individual wanting to book an artist for a private function? They all care about MUSIC! They want to get a good flavour of your sound and consider if it matches the “vibe” they’re going for.

Stuck In the Middle – Cover Recording

We’ve worked with Craig on reviewing his favourite songs from his covers catalogue, to help him find a song that will showcase his positive vibes and personal style and voice. We’ve decided to focus on getting that one song right – to make sure it does a great job of creating the right first impression.

Music Video Production
While music is undoubtedly about sound – booking physical gigs is also about LOOKS! It is not a fun fact, but Booking and Venue Managers do not want to feel like they’re “gambling” on their entertainment value. They want to know that the artists they book bring visual confidence and a personal style that matches their expectations.

After sourcing and hiring a suitable-style venue and planning Craig’s presentation and styling, we filmed a live music video for the song. Now Craig can send the video directly to venues and booking agents, as well at present the video on his social media profiles and YouTube and link the videos to his business website (more details about that, below)…

Promo Photos
As mentioned above, people (even people in the music industry) shop with their eyes before giving a chance to the music itself. It’s not a perfect reality, but the reality nonetheless.

We arranged and directed a commercial photoshoot for Craig, creating images that captivate the easy-listening/rock music he wants bookers to associate with him.

Needless to say, these images will also become useful in social media, gig posters, promo materials, and his website (more about the website below, I promise we’ll get there soon).

Artist Logo Design
Every musician that wants Bookers and Venue Managers to recognise them as a serious music business (as opposed to the bad-rap musos often have with the business world) needs well-structured branding.

We’ve designed this artist logo for Craig to help him stand out as a professional musician. This logo will also serve him on gig posters, social media profiles and events, and his website.

Needless to say, having a great logo that’s easy to share will make it easier for Venue Managers and Bookers to include Craig in their own marketing, (once again, making it easier to do business with Craig, and placing him at an advantage).

In the music business world, there is no such thing as “not having a website”, and for a good reason. Using a website, artists can create a platform that will be ideal for capturing the attention of potential customers, as well as turning websites-visitors into paying clients.

We have worked hard to create a website that will:

  1. Reflect Craig’s style
  2. Give glimpses of his musical talent.
  3. Provide valuable information about Craig’s music and business.
  4. Be easy to use, on mobile or desktop browsing.
  5. Make it easy to convert visitors into active leads.

You can browse the live website here to gain a better understanding of what we’ve created.

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